Family & Social History

The Family and Social History section of the IDLHS website does not feature great swathes of information, which is either easily accessed elsewhere or has already been widely published.

The material these pages will feature is that taken from various archives, including those of the IDLHS, Ilkeston Library and the Erewash Museum in Ilkeston, all of which contain large collections of photographs, biographical material and other information.

This, of course, does not mean that members of the Society are not prepared to assist a researcher in their work. If you do need to ask for guidance or assistance with any of your Ilkeston related research, please use the Contact Us page.

The Society has a number of books on local family histories. Please see our Publications page for details.

Portrait Galleries

These pages contain images taken from the archives of the Erewash Museum in Ilkeston. Most of the persons featured were prominent members of the local community during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as featured in two volumes produced by Edwin Trueman, both entitled Portrait Gallery of its Principal Inhabitants. The first being published in 1887, to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria, the second in 1911 as a souvenir of the Coronation of King George V.

Portrait Gallery 1

The persons featured on this page were those actually born in Ilkeston.

Portrait Gallery 2

This page features persons, though born elsewhere, came, lived and worked in the town.

Portrait Gallery 3

This page contains more images which will be of interest to the family historian. Though not of the same social standing as some of those featured in Portrait Galleries 1 and 2, their names live on in local history and folklore.


This page carries transcriptions on the gravestones from some of the local graveyards: