The Ilkeston and District Local History Society

The Society was established in 1966 to foster the study of local history and research into all aspects of the history of Ilkeston and the district and to disseminate this information for the benefit of the public.

  • Brief Histories & Local Topics
    Dale Abbey, Ilkeston, Lords of the Manor
  • Ilkeston & District Heritage
    Architecture, Around and About Town, Charter Fair, St Mary’s Parish Church, Street & Place Names, Industrial Archaeology & Architecture, Churches & Chapels, South Street
  • Family & Social History
    Ilkeston Remembered, Dale Abbey Churchyard, St Mary’s Churchyard, St Mary’s Churchyard Extension, South Street Baptist Chapel, Park Cemetery, Historical portraits, Stanton Road Cemetery, Ilkeston War Memorial
  • Archaeology
    Archaeological Finds & Sites, St Mary’s Former Vicarage
  • Industry
    Mining, Stanton Ironworks, Stanton At War
  • Transport
    Tramways, Railways

and the Society:

  • Events and Meetings
    The Society holds indoor and outdoor events throughout the year, to which all are welcome
  • Society Membership
    Join the Society to receive a free copy of our quarterly newsletter The Herald, and free admission to our meetings
  • Publications
    We have a number of books and maps illustrating the history and development of Ilkeston
  • Contact Us
    Feel free to send any questions, comments or suggestions you have
  • Useful Links

The Society Emblem is the former arms of the Borough of Ilkeston.

Granted to the Ilkeston Borough Council in 1887, the arms represent the industries which were most prominent in the area at that time.

The bear holds in its mouth a miner’s safety lamp to represent the coal industry. Across the top of the shield we see a sample of lace while at top and bottom are two hanks of cotton, both representing two aspects of the textile industry. To left and right we have two gloves, another of the local industries, while at centre the symbol of Mars represents the iron industry.

The motto: Labor Omnia Vincit (Work Conquers Everything)

Chairman: Paul Miller
Vice Chairman: Jim Davison
Secretary: Russell Gough
Treasurer: Norma Brown
Herald Editor: Carol Measham

Committee Members:
 Mick Dawes
 Beverley Kilby
 Grant Shaw
 Shirley Yeomans

Registered charity number: 1011314