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A Backward GlanceA Backward Glance

Jean Barber

A local author relives her memories of an Ilkeston childhood between the wars. After schooling at Gladstone Infants, Chaucer Street Junior and Hallcroft Central, she started work at 14 in a hosiery factory. During the War she worked at the Dale Plant of Stanton Ironworks producing 500-pound bombs, and later trained as a nurse. In later life she qualified as a teacher.

Price £3.50 (A5)

A Town on Two WheelsA Town on Two Wheels — Cycling in Ilkeston 1880 - 1900

Jeff Wynch

At the start of the period covered by this book cycling was a pastime for well-off young men with a taste for speed, and bicyce clubs were a focal point of male social life. As the equipment became cheaper, bicycling activites became available to all. A Town on Two Wheels describes how this cycling revolution played out in Ilkeston and covers:

  • The rise and fall of the Ilkeston Bicycle Club
  • Cycle racing and local champions
  • Women cyclists
  • Accidents and law breakers
  • Cycling as entertainment

See also Deals on Wheels, the companion volume.

Price £12.00

Around and About TownAround and About Town

Stephen Flinders, Alan Edwards and David Hudson

Another look at the the changing face of Ilkeston through a series of then-and-now photographs of a wide variety of locations around and about the town, incuding Cotmanhay Road, Pelham Street, Burr Lane, Little Hallam, Hallam Fields . . . and more.

Price £9.00

Bygone StantonBygone Stanton

Danny Corns and Andrew Knighton

Tracing the history in photographs of the Stanton Ironworks from the first blast furnaces built by the Smith family in 1845 to the toppling of the last in 1974.

Includes many pictures of the huge site at work and many more of the social life of the working community that lived in the shadow of the industry.

Price £11.00

Deals On WheelsDeals on Wheels

Jeff Wynch

A companion volume to A Town on Two Wheels. In the final two decades of the nineteenth century the bicycling community was served by a surprising number of inventors, retailers, repairers and manufacturers in Ilkeston.

Deals on Wheels offers a complete Who Was Who of everyone involved in the local trade in the 1880s and 1890s.

Price £9.00

Ey Up Mi DuckEy Up Mi Duck! Part 2

Rick Scollins and John Titford

An affectionate look at the speech, history and folklore of Ilkeston and the Erewash Valley. Just as amusing and insightful as it was when first published in 1976.

This edition is Part 2 only.

Price £3.50

Frank Underwood's IlkestonFrank Underwood’s Ilkeston

Andrew Knighton

In the summer of 1912 a young teacher, Frank Underwood, was appointed to a post in the new Bennerley County School for Boys. For the next three years Frank corresponded with a Miss B Stevens in his native Leicestershire, sending her more than 80 postcards of Ilkeston and district. This selection, with the messages he wrote on them, gives a fascinating snapshot of Ilkeston before the Great War.

Price £2.50

Ilkeston As It WasIlkeston as it was — Its history in 50 chapters

Ann Featherstone and Beverley Kilby

Who put the baby in the biscuit tin? Where was White’s Yard? And what became of the airport and bus station? Ann and Beverley recount fifty stories from Ilkeston’s past, many for the first time, in a review of some of the events, people and things that have shaped the Ilkeston we know today and celebrating 50 years of the Ilkeston and District Local History Society.

Price £13.50

Ilkeston in the ThirtiesIlkeston in the Thirties

So many changes occurred between the to World Wars. Standards in housing improved and many oder dwellings were swept away. The trams disappeared to be replaced by motor buses and trolley buses.

Many long-established companies working in long-established trades — particularly coal mining and textiles — saw steady decline and hard times returned. But resilient Ilkestonians still found time for fun as the pictures in this collection show.

Price £5

Ilkeston TramwaysIlkeston Tramways

Barry M Marsden

The Ilkeston tramway was the first electric transport system in Derbyshire, built during an era of optimistic transport expansion with its hopesof cheap and efficient movement for the masses. I served the town for 27 years and always struggled to make ends meet.

This comprehensive book covers the inception, development and ultimate replacement of the Ilkeston system.

Price £3.50

Ilson MiscellanyIlson Miscellany

Grant Shaw

A selection of articles from the Society’s journal, The Herald, written by the members. These articles were posted on our Facebook site where contributors had the opportunity to expand on the content — articles comments and new material from the social site have been collected together for this publication.

Price £8.00

Off to WarOff to War

Grant Shaw

Stories of some of the men of Ilkeston who went off to the Great War in all branches of service. Volunteers and conscripted men, prisoners, returnees and those that lie in foreign fields. Grant has collected the remaining service records and supplemented thm with family pictures and recollections. A fine tribute.

Price £13.50

Railway TalesRailway Tales

Grant Shaw and Paul Miller

Set at the point where two major railway companies bumped up against each other, and a major supplier of coal and iron to the rest of the country, it’s not surprising that so much track was laid in and around Ilkeston. Grant and Paul tell the story of the developments and, as the title suggests, include many recollections of those on the ground keeping the whole thing working.

Price £13.50

Old Ordnance Survey Maps

A set of eight reproductions of historical OS maps of Ilkeston and district.

  • Ilkeston, Awsworth and Cossall in 1913
  • Ilkeston (South) with Trowell and Stanton in 1913
  • Ilkeston (West) in 1937
  • Cotmanhay, and Shipley Common in 1937
  • Ilkeston (East) and Cossall in 1937
  • Kirk Hallam and Little Hallam in 1938
  • Ilkeston (South and East) and Trowell in 1938p

Price 6.00 per pack

Stanton: Gone but not forgottenStanton: Gone but not forgotten — A Derbyshire ironworks and its people

Steve Flinders and Danny Corns

Written by two former employees, this extensive history of the site is mainly told by the people who worked there and supplemented by newspaper reports. This is history at the sharp end with tales told by the people who were initmately involved in the events described — tales that would not normally appear in more academic treatises. Foreword by local lad Robert Lindsay.

Price £14.50

Years of ChangeYears of Change: Ilkeston 1945-1995

Stephen Flinders

The fifty years after the War saw huge cultural, social and infrastructure changes. These photographs show scenes of what has passed, but still remains comfortably familiar. Buildings that are gone or have changed function; shops that have changed hands; slow changes that we don’t always notice. A whole bundle of reminiscences and talking points.

Price £9.00

A set of ten postcards

A selection of postcards in and around Victorian and Edwardian Ilkeston

Price £3.00